Vision and Mission Statement

CCPS’ Vision/Aspiration Statement: 

The vision of Clayton County Public Schools is to prepare ALL graduates to have the skills to pursue and accomplish college, post-secondary training, and/or career opportunities in order to live and compete successfully in a global society.


CCPS’ Mission: 

The mission of Clayton County Public Schools is to empower scholars to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals by providing equitable access and experiences that build skills in literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


Belief Statements

  • We believe children have the first priority and right to all fiscal and human resources.
  • We believe educational practices should be equitable and multicultural with the understanding that education is the shared responsibility of the scholar, the parent/guardian, the school, and the community. 
  •  We believe communication and understanding among all stakeholders of our diverse community are essential to achieving the goals of education. 
  • We believe that learning is a continuous process and most productive when the needs of each child are met through high quality instruction provided by competent and caring adults. 
  • We believe a learning environment where everyone experiences security, care, dignity, and respect is essential. 
  • We believe that arts and culture cultivate the whole child, gradually building literacy while developing imagination, skill, reasoning, and intuition into unique forms of expression and communication. 
  •  We believe that equality is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for scholars everywhere. 
  • We believe that integrating financial literacy education throughout the K-12 experience represents a promising opportunity to reach scholars at pivotal points in their development and financial lives.

Committed to High Performance…

With a theme of being “Committed to High Performance,” Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, Superintendent of Schools, is dedicated to propelling Clayton County Public Schools toward being one of the highest achieving school districts in the State of Georgia and the nation. For CCPS, High Performance means the implementation and sustaining of focused and intentional actions that create a healthy organizational culture that consistently results in measured outcomes that exceed prior, predicted, planned, expected, or average outcomes and one that normalizes improved, gap-closing achievement outcomes for all students and groups from one measurement or period of time to the next. By collaborating with all stakeholders to determine what is best for the students of CCPS, Dr.  Beasley looks forward to creating a culture of open dialogue and mutual support as we work together to strengthen community ties and empower the future leaders of tomorrow.


CCPS’ Strategic Goals:

1. To increase and accelerate academic achievement in all content areas and literacy levels for all scholars, to include students in all special programs, in Clayton County Public Schools as evidenced by local, state, national, and international assessment results 

2. To recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified and effective staff

3. To create an equitable and safe environment that promotes active engagement, communication, accountability, and collaboration of all stakeholders to maximize student achievement 

4. To provide high quality, equitable support services delivered within budget to promote high performance in the Clayton County Public Schools

5. To create and assess equity metrics that include dedicated resources, both fiscal and human capital, instructional programming, organizational structures, policies, etc. 

6. To establish a creative district where scholars and the community have access to the arts and cultural experiences and resources that support collaborative and individual creative pursuits


Strategic Plan Performance Objectives for 2018-2023

Performance Objective 1: By 2023, Clayton County Public Schools will demonstrate three percentage points growth each school year, for students scoring at the proficiency levels at or above proficient as evidenced by state, national, and international assessments. 

Performance Objective 2: Over the next five years, Clayton County Public Schools will increase the graduation rate from 69.6% to 90% or higher.

Performance Objective 3: By 2023, Clayton County Public Schools will increase the number of students absent less than 10% of their enrolled academic year.

Performance Objective 4: By 2023, Clayton County Public Schools will decrease the number of discipline infractions while increasing employee morale and community support

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